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Commercial Clients
Aegis Gardens, Fremont, CA
Aegis of Bothell, WA
Aegis of Carmichael, CA
Aegis of Corte Madera, CA
Aegis of Escondido, CA
Aegis of Fremont, CA
Aegis of Kent, WA
Aegis of Kirkland, WA
Aegis of Laguna Niguel, CA
Aegis of Las Vegas, NV

Aegis of Lynnwood, WA

Aegis of Napa, CA
Aegis of Redmond, WA
Aegis of Ventura, CA
B & B's Barbeque Restaurants, WA
Bethel Retirement Community

Callahan House at Aegis of Shoreline, Seattle, WA

Eskaton Lodge at Gold River, Columa, CA
Faerland Terrace
Assisted Living, Seattle, WA
Florence County Disabilities and Special Needs Board
Friesenburgers Restaurant, Tacoma, WA
Heritage Club of Mountain View, Denver, CO
Judson Park, American Baptist Homes of the West, Des Moines, WA
Lutheran Home of Belle Plaine, MN
Rainbow Acres family home, Fife, WA
The Rouse Estate,
Youngsville, PA
San Clemente Villas
by the Sea -
Luxury Senior Living, CA
Shoreline School
District’s Einstein Middle
School, D. D Program, WA

Summerville at Barrington Court, An Emeritus Senior Living Center, Danville, CA

The Homestead, a Milestone Retirement Community, Fallon, NV

Read What BibAlls Users Are Saying
The more you look at BibAlls, the more ways you'll see how they make life neater, cleaner, and more fun!

Exceptional Customer Service
"Dear Bibs For All,

I wanted to extend my thanks for your exceptional customer service. I ordered my husband's "birthday bib" at the last minute, willing to pay the $18 for delivery. But I called to see if it would arrive in time and a very nice woman answered the phone, told me she would make a special trip to the post office right away, and it should arrive by Saturday (my last minute date).

She only charged me $5. Well, it did indeed arrive in time and I wanted to say thank you again for your personal attention to my order. I hope you realize how little of that exists out there!

Consider yourself hugged!"
Mary Lee S.

Biballs Exceeds Our High Expectations
"As an upscale Assisted Living Community for Independent, Assisted Living and Alzheimer's Care, Faerland Terrace of Seattle wanted clothing protectors that would reflect the quality of our community and the care we provide to our residents. We were seeking non-institutionalized looking, durable, well-made, attractive, and machine washable/dryable clothing protectors that came in a variety of colors. We found all those qualities and more in BibAlls. Residents, visitors and staff have reacted so positively to BibAlls, that we have placed our second order."
Kirsten Gregg, Resident Services Manager

Kid-proof and looking great
"I am a fourth grade teacher, and I use my BibAll when I do crafts with the kids. It is great (no paints, ink stains or colored markers on my slacks or tops)! I also use it in the morning when putting on my make-up. It's just perfect."
Judy Hansen, Teacher

Happy to have beautiful bibs
"I purchased one of your beautiful lavender bibs for my Mom. She has Alzheimer's and her eating habits are a bit on the messy side now. When she moved in with my life partner and I last year after Dad passed away I began using a flowery apron of hers at breakfast, lunch and dinner to save on her clothes always having to go into the laundry after a meal. It embarrassed her if company was over. I'm just sure she'll be good and happy when I pull this beautiful one out when we are either out at a restaurant, or at another family's home. Thank you for your ingenuity!"
Julie Tallent, Caregiver & Entrepreneur

  BibAlls protect wedding gowns and tuxedos.

Enjoy your wedding dinner
and still look picture perfect!


Wedding Dress Saved from Stains!
"The bibs were a huge hit at the wedding and we really enjoyed having them! The bib saved my dress from being ruined on more than one occasion!
Thank you, we loved them!"
Jaime Thompson, newlywed

"Shirt-Savers" Are Perfect for Students with Disabilities: Durable and Age Appropriate
"As a teacher of students with disabilities, I found it very difficult to find bibs or as we call them, shirt-savers, that are age appropriate and long enough to be beneficial for the typical middle school student. After five years of searching, I finally found something that would work for our students called "BibAlls". After using them for about 3 months we saw the incredible durability of BibAlls. We were able to use one for the entire school day for some students and were able to wash them time and again for another student. Normally after a 3 month period we would have to start buying more bibs/shirt-savers but in this case the BibAlls look like they will last for ages. Also because the BibAlls were long in length, we actually found them to be pant-savers too. If you want to save a great deal of time and effort in the laundry room BibAlls are perfect for you. Enjoy your BibAll, because we will for several years to come.

"Thank you so much Bibs For All for a fantastic product."
Jennifer Nawrocki, Special Education Teacher
Einstein Middle School, Shoreline School District

Spot free - even for the last appointment of the day
"I am always driving somewhere for business appointments but I can't afford to show up in stained clothing. My "Shirt Front and Tie" BibAll is perfect for keeping coffee stains off my shirt and pants. The best part is no one driving by even knows I have it on. Thanks for keeping my white shirts clean."
Shane Phillips, Businessman

Active three-year-old loves her BibAlls
"As the mother of a very active three year old, I was forever changing my daughter's clothes. I bought her a Simply Beautiful BibAll. She thinks it's a dress and wants to wear it all the time. Now she goes to pre-school in clean clothes after eating breakfast and her holiday dresses stay clean until we get to Gram and Gramp's. She wears her BibAll reversed when she finger paints or is using markers and we just wipe it off after. Great Product!"
Kristine Mansfield, Mother

Looks like a champion - even AFTER breakfast
"My six year old son wears his BibAll while eating breakfast so his school clothes stay clean. It's long enough to cover his pants so nothing gets on them either."
Maria R., Mother

Spill-Free clothes and recliner = happy wife!
My wife gave me a BibAll and I NEVER thought I'd wear it. I come home late and eat my dinner on the recliner while watching TV. I used to get whatever I ate on my clothes and all over the recliner. Now my clothes are free of food stains and the recliner stays clean, too - making my wife a much happier person. My BibAll now has a permanent place next to my recliner. Thanks BibAlls.
Steve B., Aircraft Mechanic

Bibs for adults and kids.

My BibAll keeps my clothes and recliner clean.

On the run and spot-free
"I am on the run from when I get up until I come home. I don't have time to change clothes due to spills. As soon as I'm dressed I put on my BibAll, drink my coffee, put on my make-up, fix my hair, and brush my teeth. Not once have I had to do a clothing change since getting my BibAll."
Kelly Busch, Program Director, Bally's Fitness

Perfect for barbeque chef
My husband loves to barbeque but refused to wear an apron. He'd get sauce and meat stains all over his clothes. He LOVES his Farmer BibAll because it's short, covers the areas he usually stains and isn't confining like an apron. Now he always wears his "short apron" when he barbeques."
Kathy A., Wife

No more stops to change clothes
"I'm an itinerant teacher of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students in the mainstream, so I travel between eight different sites each week. Naturally, I'm drinking coffee in the morning and eating lunch (and sometimes dinner) in the car. I can't tell you how many times I've had to stop home to change my blouse or sweater, causing me to be late to my next appointment. I'm so glad to have my Coffee Spillers, Inc. BibAll!"
Denise D., Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specialist

"Tuxedo" helps restore dignity
"My husband is in a nursing care facility. Due to severe back problems, his mobility is impaired and he wears pajamas and stays in bed throughout the day. I bought him a "Tuxedo BibAll". Now, when holiday dinners are held, he puts on his "tuxedo" and feels as dressed up as everyone else. He loves to wear it when company comes to visit. The BibAll has given him back his dignity. Thank you!"
Patricia A. Brimigion, Active Senior Citizen


Perfect fit for a "character" like me
"I got a tux BibAll for my birthday. As I'm a character, I figure I'll wear it out with my "beer glasses" and use it in the privacy of my home to protect my dress clothes before going out."
Kevin H., Loan Specialist

Full of smiles and looking stylish
"I take care of a very physically and mentally disabled woman. I purchased a lavender Simply Beautiful BibAll for her and have never seen her smile so much as when I put it on her. I feel better when I take her out as she looks more presentable (and stylish) than when she wore the plastic bib she had been using."
Lana Wainscott, Caretaker

Clean blouses free of eye-catching stains
"As my bust is large, I seem to always have food and spills on my 'shelf'. Now with my BibAll, my 'shelf' is always clean."
Kathy Agar

Tame Messy Foods And Situations With BibAlls
Make your life neater, cleaner, and more fun with BibAlls! Surprise your family and friends with a BibAll - the fun, practical gift they'll appreciate. See all the BibAlls styles or get your BibAll now.


Ready for fun in my Tuxedo BibAll
and my beer glasses.


No more embarrassing stains
with BibAlls.



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