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Sew-On and Iron-On Patches
Do you have a favorite team, symbol or style? It's easy to personalize your BibAlls with sew-on or iron-on patches. Ebay is a great place to buy an iron-on patch – Just type in your team or item you want and "iron on patch". Click here to get your BibAlls.

Prepare to Apply Your Patch
Use Method 1, Method 2 or your own method for determining where to place your patch.

Placement Tip: Place your patch to the LEFT OF CENTER so spills from eating or drinking don't land on your patch. (Your BibAlls is stain resistant but your patch may not be.)

Method 1 For Placing Your Patch
Stand in front of a mirror, place BibAll around your neck, hold patch up to BibAll, now move the patch around until it's placed where you want it. Hold patch in place then lay BibAll on flat surface.


Mark the center of your BibAlls

Mark the bib where the top of the patch will be


Method 2 - Center Placed Patch
Mark the bib so your patch is straight and centered. Fold your BibAlls in half lengthwise. Place a straight pin at the neck at the halfway point. (Fig 1.)

Decide how far down from the neck edge you want the top of the patch to be and place a straight pin lengthwise on fabric to mark that point. (Fig 2.) Then place your patch in position.

Apply Your Patch
Follow the application instructions below for the type of patch your purchased - either sew-on or iron-on.

Sew-On Patches. Make sure the BibAll is flat with the front and back materials straight and smooth. Use straight pins to pin the edges of the patch down in the place you selected. Be sure to pin through all layers to keep the front and back straight and in place while sewing. Place the pins at a 90 degree angle to edge of patch to they are easy to sew over. Use a #11 or #14 sewing machine needle and polyester covered cotton thread. Stitch the patch down with 1/8" stitches. Cut threads in back.

Iron-On Patches. Use caution when applying iron-on patches to your BibAlls. The rip stop nylon backing has a polyurethane coating which can melt. Set your iron to highest setting. Cover the patch with a dry paper towel. When the iron is hot, press down firmly over the patch and hold in place for about 30 seconds. Remove paper towel and press down iron again directly on to top of patch. Check the edges of patch and "seal" it down securely using point of iron. Then flip BibAlls over to back side. Use your fingers to find the outline of the patch on the front. Place paper towel over area and press down firmly again about 30 seconds. Often this step will cause backing to "stick" to front. Just pull pieces apart. After carefully heating the front and back your patch will be securely attached. It is now safe to wash and dry your BibAlls in warm or cold water.

Have fun personalizing your BibAlls! Click here to get your BibAlls.



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