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Many families have a parent(s) living at home with them or in an assisted living facility. If they spill frequently you'll need something dignified to protect their clothes. The last thing our elderly parents want to do is put on something that looks like a baby bib for big people. Our parents are proud. Their generation survived the Great Depression, ended two world wars, then raised their families. Now, they are navigating the challenges of getting older. When it comes to protecting their clothes, you need to select an adult bib that is attractive enough to be enjoyable to wear, big enough to do the job, and high quality - made to last.

How to select an adult bib.

Colors. The last thing your mom or dad wants to wear is a bib that matches what their grandkids are wearing! Or, worse yet, wearing a flannel or outdated floral print bib print that shouts "I'm old". Instead, get an adult bib that coordinates with their favorite colors in their own wardrobe: wine, aqua, red, navy, brown, grey, black, white - you get the idea.
Style. Have some fun with an adult bib that fits your parent's personality: a glamorous movie star, down-to-earth farmer, the favorite among coffee lovers, the Coffee Spillers, Inc. bib, red hat lady, shirt front and tie (perfect for any salesperson, executive, or office worker), simply beautiful butterfly, and more. See them all in our online store.
Quality. A good quality bib needs to be prepared to soak up at least 8 oz of liquid - in case a full beverage or soup ends up down their front. It happens. And, it's a welcome relief for everyone when it's no big deal - just wring out the bib, refill the cup or bowl, and continue eating like nothing happened. Many adult bibs have a vinyl backing. Over time, those trips through a hot dryer will crack and stretch the backing. Cracked vinyl makes the bib looks misshapen and that cracked vinyl will rip out at the neck when you open the Velcro to put it on or off. But even worse - liquids will make their way right through it. Instead, get an adult bib with a coated rip-stop nylon backing. It's lighter and more comfortable to wear than a vinyl adult bib. Even after years of washing and drying it will look great and keep all the spills on the front of the bib. Plus the Velcro closure will stay securely in place. When greasy or oily foods are being eaten, reverse the adult bib so the rip-stop nylon side is facing out. Then, just wipe off with a slightly soapy sponge – no need to launder!
Long enough to do the job right. Laps need protection, too! Some spills sail right past the front of the bib right down to the lap. Make sure your adult bib is long enough to cover your parent's lap so it stays just as clean and neat as their front chest area. Most adult bibs on the market are 15" wide and 30" long. Except for the most petite of our parents that just not enough coverage. BibAlls are generously sized adult bibs at 17" wide and come in 33" and 36" lengths - more than enough to cover the blouse/shirt and lap of pretty much anyone.
Wear it as an apron. Some men and ladies just don't want to wear a bib. It's easy to pin a tie string to each side and wear it as a short apron. Or, simply call it an apron without tie strings. With or without tie strings it's designed to say in place and is easy to get on and off.
Wearability. If an average working person wouldn't wear an adult bib, why would anyone else want to? Many people who purchase BibAlls are in their 30s, 40s and 50s and still working. They are eating at their desk, drinking coffee in the car, putting on make-up, and helping young ones. Every day they are at peril for spills and stains but don't have a change of clothes or time to change into them. Bibs For All adult bibs keep their clothes clean so they can do what they need to do and always look their best. So, while you are buying one for mom or dad, you might want to get one for yourself and a sibling, too.

BibAlls can save you many, many times their cost by eliminating the expense of ruined clothes and cleaning bills, not to mention the nuisance and embarrassment of spills, stains, and spots when and where you least want them. Checkout all the popular styles.



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